Provides its services to companies and organizations which are willing to co- operate with global investors included to its client base.

Management Consulting Services

We offer management consulting services to companies and organizations with major objective the penetration to new markets globally.

Project identification and due diligence

After deeply analyzing our customer’s needs, we are specializing in identifying the right investment opportunities for them following a strict evaluation of both the investment projects and the current and future investment climate in the subject region of interest.

Project Management

Apart from the identification of the best suitable investment opportunities for our clients, we are totally responsible for carefully monitoring these projects until the final stage of implementation, ensuring our client’s interests to the end.

Mergers & acquisitions

Sometimes the best way to penetrate a new market or to get a dominant position in an existing one is through a merger or an acquisition. We are here in order to make sure that our clients will have the best possible choice available by carefully studying and analyzing the subject market at the time being.

Synergies & potential co- operation development

Since we are living in a world where synergies and co- operations are more and more necessary for achieving corporate goals, we are making sure that our clients will find the best available and suitable partners with similar corporate culture & governance in order to fulfill their needs.

Participation in International Tenders

Since we are constantly monitoring international tenders issued in the geographical areas of interest of our clients, we are totally responsible for the preparation of the tender documents, the local synergies development if needed and the final filling of the tender documents to the competent authorities for participating to the each time tender.